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We are an established and experienced car repair shop, and we have taken care of your cars and trucks, We offer a wide range of car repair and maintenance services.


Diesel and Gasoline


Tractors, medium trucks; Brakes, engine changes


Cars: Turn ups, oil changes, radiators, water pumps, gasoline pumps.

Gasoline Cars

We specialize in

In automotive mechanic technician

When it is time to take your vehicle for repair or maintenance, you should visit certified experts who will take care of all your needs.

Diesel Mechanic (Main category)

AB Diesel & Gas Repair, We are the official and authorized technical service for the maintenance and repair of various recognized brands’ high-tech engines,

Automotive Mechanic Diesel

Our diesel service technicians and mechanics inspect, repair or inspect buses, trucks and anything else with a diesel engine.

We are here to Help With Your Transportation. All Repairs Needs